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Fast search engine indexing

Get a link from an established blog. You could email and ask a related blog or hit up your blogging friends. Some pay for this (although it’s frowned upon). Another way to do this legally is to offer to guest post on someone’s blog and link back to your site or blog with a keyword phrase.
Tell Google about your blog.
Tell Google blog search too.
Add your site to Google Webmaster Central
Add your blog to Yahoo Site Explorer
Create a lens about your blog on Squidoo. You can create more than one lens, one for each major keyword phrase.
Create an account on this blog community: MyBlogLog ,BlogCatalog ,Blogged, NetworkedBlogs, Get listed on blog, Technorati.
Register with sites that give the “value” of your blog: WebsiteOutlook, StatBrain, CubeStat, WebTrafficAgents, BuiltWith,
WhoIs, QuarkBase, URLfan, AboutTheDomain,
Create a profile for your blog on social sites like Twitter. Some let you establish a profile and a custom link – use keyword phrases.
Get on Facebook then go to and create a custom username for your site or blog. You can feed your blog onto your Facebook page. Do this on LinkedIn too.
Delicious will not only let you bookmark and share sites but again you can create a profile and custom URL. Plus you can link to your blog.
Sign up ChangeDetectionthat logs when your site changes (and essentially creates new content about your site).
Sites like pingler ping search engines when you change your blog.

I just found out that if you’re an author and your book is on you can create an author profile page where you can blog or feed your blog in automatically. The link goes to my author page.

I’d love to do a case study with a new blog – one that I did nothing and one that I followed these 25 tips. Then compare the numbers. Any volunteers?

Please share your tips for getting a new site or blog indexed in search engines.

Here is something I found pretty useful for submitting articles fast.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Tips for social media marketing

The phenomenon is just getting started, even though to those of us who are on Twitter and compulsively reload Tec meme it feels like it’s been around a while. It’s still so early in the game! Big companies that have been historically reliant on mass media are just now beginning to realize the extent to which their worlds will change as a result of social media.

A couple key issues:

  • Efficiency is elusive/It’s hard to execute social media efficiently- Large companies have made a science out of finding efficiencies in media, and have been pretty successful squeezing most of the fat out of production budgets. But, social media, in a lot of ways, is the exact opposite of mass: Labor intensive, highly involved, non-standardized.
  • Who to Turn to – Big companies are critically dependent on their agencies as a way to run lean internally. But 90% of ad agencies are still trying to figure out how to deal with display and SEM. Social media is going to be a total mind- f*** for them. And a lot of the “social media agencies” are making it up everyday, as they go along. No one has this figured out, and big companies aren’t really staffed right to figure it out themselves.
  • Evaluating success – What’s a good result? We all know home runs when we see them in other media, but what does a a successful social media campaign look like? How big does that success have to be to drive the business?
  • Velocity -By it’s nature, social media is slower than Mass. The Blendtec guys were at it for a while, before “Will it Blend” went big. Viral hits like “elf-yourself” don’t just happen overnight in most cases, even if it seems like it to us. Tv-centric companies are used to turning on the ad (or dropping the FSI, or starting the promotion) and seeing the results immediately. For companies that are used to the velocity of impact that comes from “mass” media, the slow, steady approach may be frustrating


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Tips for social media marketing

So much of social technology and media engagement is centered on listening – not something many people, let alone companies, are very good at.

So we offer a few words of advice on how to do this:

  1. Never forget that the groundswell is about person-to-person activity. You are not speaking as “the company”, but as a person. Most companies don’t know how to do this, and it takes a lot of practice to find that voice and feel comfortable with it.
  2. Be a good listener. All companies say they listen to their customers, but do they really LISTEN and let people know that they are listening?
  3. Be patient. This takes a long time because you are going to be transforming your company, one person at a time.
  4. Be opportunistic. Start small with the people who are most passionate about building relationships with customers.
  5. Be flexible. You never know what’s going to happen so you have to constantly adjust your thinking and learn.
  6. Be collaborative. You need people from up and down the management chain to buy-in.
  7. Most importantly, be humble. Remember that you are not as powerful as the groundswell. If you forget this, they will let you know.


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